"Many of our critical business processes would simply not be possible without the EPM Maestro Suite”

- Financial Systems Manager, FirstRand

"The EPM Maestro Suite does more than we imagined. Cadbury processes and users have benefited from significant time and cost savings.
A must have addition for us, and any other HFM customer."

- HFM Controller, Cadbury PLC

"EPM Maestro is a must have utility for the HFM Administrators toolkit.  Its features significantly improved efficiencies around all tasks that system administrators are regularly required to perform.  Once purchased and in place the administrator’s productivity will immediately improve, and they will wonder what they did prior to its implementation.
The Stanley Works is a proud and satisfied user of this vital product.  I highly recommend to all HFM customers."

- Internal Reporting Manager, The Stanley Works

"Compass implemented the full suite of utilities in 2004. The payback was almost immediate. The utilities have helped us use HFM more efficiently and saved hours of manual work."

- Financial Controller, Compass Group

“We are still very happy with your products, they are of great help!! Keep up the good service."

– Financial Systems Director, Xstrata

“Adding the EPM Utilities to our HFM environment improved the user friendliness of the system with 200%!”

- HFM Administrator, Sara Lee Europe

“EPM Maestro – why can’t all software make solutions so simple”

– Finance Analyst, Mondi Group

The original concept of Hyperion Financial Management included an open architecture that we hoped Hyperion partners would leverage to build special functionality for their clients. The EPM Maestro Suite is an excellent set of additional features that dozens of HFM clients have been enjoying for some time."

- SVP, Oracle EPM


The Perfect Complement to your HFM Implementation

A generic interface to any Oracle Hyperion Financial Management application, the EPM Maestro Suite:

- improves quality and reduces time spent on administrative tasks. Applications can be managed more efficiently and effectively.
- enhances the user experience of your HFM system.

The software consists of fully-supported products (not unsupported consulting solutions), with a proven track record of over sixteen years. The EPM Maestro Suite is used by hundreds of companies worldwide, including many large multinational companies. The software is available for all HFM versions between 3.x and 11.2.

To fully appreciate the benefits of the EPM Maestro Suite, full versions of the software are available on a free no-obligation evaluation.

The EPM Maestro Suite consists of two products, EPM Maestro and EPM Web Symphony that are described further below.


EPM Maestro

The EPM Maestro allows you to manage your HFM applications more efficiently and effectively. Our ten-minute demonstration video illustrates some of the capabilities of this product.



For more information, please see our overview or products pages. A training video is also available.


EPM Web Symphony

The EPM Web Symphony is a collection of web utilities comprising:

- Auto Promote / Reject
- Process Tracker
- Extract Value
- Metadata Validator
- Security Matrix
- Export Hierarchy To Excel
- Dimension Helper
- Journal Generator
- Filtered Copy / Clear Data
- Translator
- Web Repository
- Message Banner
- News Manager

These utilities integrate seamlessly into the web interface of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and can be included in task lists from version 4.0 and above (access to the individual utilities can be managed by security class).

The product has several features, including the ability to:

- Utilitise process management / process control more efficiently.
- Perform exception reporting on your metadata.
- Extract data from any member of the 'Value' dimension (e.g. <Entity Curr Total>) in combination with any members of accounts and custom dimensions, including parents.
- Export hiearchies to Excel over the web.
- Post complex journals more easily.
- Communicate more effectively with end-users.

... and much more!

For more information and demonstration videos, please see our overview or products pages.