EPM Maestro Suite - Overview


Administrator productivity

  • Easy, quick and intuitive task flow construction. Shifts administrator activity and attention towards content, quality and exceptions instead of processing.
  • Administrator tasks performed in a consistent and reliable manner.
  • Dynamic task flows. Using variables, task flows can be dynamically updated for each business cycle.

Efficient process management

  • User-friendly and powerful process management. Automatically rejects parents. Handles multiple hierarchies.
  • Enhanced process management reporting to identify problem areas and submission tracking. Gives greater insight into the processing of data activity such as promotions and rejections.

Improved user communication

  • Newsboard on logon page provides announcements to users. Easy, direct communication with users eliminates the need for large distribution lists or sending emails.
  • Message Banner provides near real-time communication of urgent information such as maintenance or downtime, through the Oracle Hyperion Financial Management web interface.

Metadata and security reviews

  • Performs automated reviews on metadata, such as checking hierarchies and member attributes. Provides exception reporting to reduce the risk of errors in system updates.
  • Ability to compare two metadata sets, for example pre and post update. Comparison of current metadata with archived extracts provides audit trail of changes.
  • Dynamic real-time security reporting including entity access for each user and group. Very useful for SOX reviews.

Web document management

  • Extract web documents (data entry forms, grids, etc.) for archive, or to migrate them between environments.
  • Aligns test, development and production applications.
  • Comparison of extracted web documents provides audit trail of changes.

Flexible data extraction

  • Extract data from any level of the Value, Account and Custom dimensions, including parents.
  • Ability to extract across all scenarios and periods to determine whether a member targeted for deletion has been used. Also simplifies application re-shells.
  • Enables automated data extracts (soft backups) to facilitate partial data restores.

Export hierarchies to Excel

  • Exports printable dimension hierarchies to Excel. Allows end-users to annotate hierarchy changes or verify that changes were implemented. Improves user understanding, simplifies maintenance requests and facilitates change audit.
  • Dimension Helper enables users to identify valid data entry intersections. Assists understanding of the application structure to define correct ‘Point of Views’ for Grids or Smart View documents.

Activity statistics

  • Facilitates analysis of application usage trends over time, for example, trends in the number and performance of consolidations. Also allows analysis of logon data to identify inactive accounts as an aid to user license management.
  • Provides email summaries of errors / warnings from HFM system messages to enhance awareness of infrastructure and application issues.