EPM Web Symphony

EPM Web Symphony is a collection of tools as described below:

  • Auto Promote / Reject
  • Process Tracker
  • Extract Value
  • Metadata Validator
  • Security Matrix
  • Export Hierarchy To Excel
  • Dimension Helper
  • Journal Generator
  • Filtered Copy / Clear Data
  • Translator
  • Web Repository
  • Message Banner
  • News Manager

These tools integrate seamlessly into the web interface of HFM and can be included in task lists.

Auto Promote / Reject

This utility provides easy, efficient process management.

When promoting and rejecting, simply specify the entity you wish to change and the desired process level - the utility will take care of the rest.

The functionality also handles multiple hierarchies and supports process management by phase.


Process Tracker

The Process Tracker provides reports on 'process management' information, making this information easier to collate and analyze.

Possible uses of this tool include:

  • Viewing entities which have changed process level since a certain date for audit purposes.
  • Identifying all rejections which have occurred during month-end together with associated comments.
  • Collating a league table of how quickly reporting units have promoted their packs.

The reports are generated in Excel, to allow further filtering to be carried out easily.


Extract Value

This utility allows any member of the 'Value' dimension (in combination with any account and custom dimension members, including parents) to be extracted to a HFM data file. For example:

  • 'Entity Curr Total' can be extracted to obtain a data file including the effect of any journals.
  • '[Elimination]' can be extracted to view automatic elimination entries.
  • 'GBP Total' can be extracted to obtain a data file in GBP.


Metadata Validator

Provides exception reporting on your metadata. This reduces the risk of errors occurring during metadata updates.

Typical tests may include:

  • checking that base members are consistent between the main hierarchy and alternate hierarchies.
  • searching for duplicates.
  • verifying metadata attributes e.g. checking that all accounts have the expected account type (e.g. 'asset') or that metadata user-defined codes are present where expected.

A series of tests can be batched together and executed with a single click. No more need to check your metadata one step at a time!

The tool is also useful to perform ad-hoc analysis of metadata.


Security Matrix

This utility provides a graphical representation of security in the form of a matrix. The utility will automatically work out the effective access for each user / group in HFM to each entity. This is easy to understand for administrators and also very useful for Sarbanes Oxley reviews as no knowledge of security classes is required to understand entity access.

The security information is output to Excel for easy filtering.


Export Hierarchy To Excel

This tool provides a simple interface to output hiearchies (e.g. entity group structure) to Excel. The utility is optimised for speed and can output most hierarchies within seconds.

The administrator is also able to define report formats for the output, so that only required attributes are displayed. The output can be used as a proforma for users to annotate proposed hierarchy changes.


Dimension Helper

The dimension helper allows users to easily understand the dimensionality attached to an account. This helps simplify the process of grid and SmartView set-up for users.

A low-maintenance design minimises administrator effort.


Journal Generator

The Journal Generator provides an alternate input mechanism for ad-hoc journals. Adjustments are input as data using existing web data entry forms and then subsequently converted into journals. This makes complex journals simpler to post.


Filtered Copy / Clear Data

Allows data to be copied / cleared, filtered by account / custom dimension member lists. The copy functionality works even if users do not have access rights to all members in a custom dimension.



The translator, if enabled by the HFM administrator, allows users to perform translations without needing modify access to entities. This is useful for users who are only permitted view access to specified entities as a result of Sarbanes Oxley.

In addition, the utility provides a simple interface to allow users to run translations, reducing the need for translation grids.


Messsage Banner

Near real-time messaging, displayed on every page within Hyperion Financial Management. Delivers urgent messages or information to online users.

In HFM 9.3 and HFM 11, the message banner is visible through the Hyperion Workspace. For earlier versions, the banner is incorporated into HFM itself.


News Manager

Presented on the HFM Logon page, a News Board provides real time announcements to all users. Supports end user communication of all types: i.e.: generic system information, exchange rate updates, system availability, scheduled downtime, file distribution, new user communication, etc.

In HFM 9.3 and HFM 11, a News Board is visible on the logon page for Hyperion Workspace. For earlier versions, the banner is incorporated into the logon page for HFM.